This NXT ‘Lonely Road Of Faith’ Edit Will Get You In Your Black And Yellow Feels

In the comments section of this week’s Best and Worst of WWE NXT column, one of our readers, BACHUR, commented, “You guys mind if I plug a little NXT update I did recently to the old Lonely Road of Faith tribute video? It took about three weeks to make, and though I’m not an editor, I think it ended up alright.”

If you’re like me — a die-hard NXT fan who has been around from the beginning to watch it grow from a dumb game show into a brilliant weekly wrestling program into a global brand on par with Raw and Smackdown — you’re cautiously optimistic but honestly pretty severely worried about the jump to USA Network next week. Also if you’re like me, you’ve got a soft spot for that Kid Rock ‘Lonely Road Of Faith’ video package to mark the transition from the World Wrestling Federation to World Wrestling Entertainment.

As you can guess from the title of the thing, here’s BACHUR’s NXT version.

That championship montage really gets to me. My only complaint is that it’s not longer, and that a full minute isn’t devoted to great NXT moments like Bo Dallas trying to “occupy,” Bo Dallas getting thrown out of the building and dragged around by security, Bo Dallas trying to bribe people with cookies, and/or Bo Dallas returning as Mr. NXT.

Fingers crossed that a few years from now we can get another version of this that celebrates the transition into a live, 2-hour show we all still love.