NXT Just Announced The Stipulation For The Next Takeover Main Event Via Facebook Live

Following the chaos that ensued at NXT in Portland this past weekend, general manager William Regal promised to deliver an announcement that would shake up the landscape of the heated title picture between Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. And much like the show-ending brawl, the announcement was delivered this morning with the help of Facebook Live. So, if you just happened to be on Facebook this morning instead of doing whatever your job pays you to do, you may have caught the reveal of some NXT history: For the first time ever, the NXT Championship will be defended in a steel cage match.

This is great for a few reasons, actually. First of all, I love the idea that Lawful Good William Regal is legitimately concerned for the well-being of NXT fans at Full Sail, so much so that he’s locking up his headliners where they can only hurt each other. Also, I like that we’re adding stipulations to the NXT canon at a deliberate pace, and only when deemed an absolute necessity. We’ve had a couple of ladder matches and one, 30-minute Iron Man match, and none of those felt shoehorned in to their respective title feuds. In any event, the next NXT Takeover just got a lot more interesting.