NXT’s Enzo and Big Cass Made Friends With A Toilet Paper Brand Because Wrestling Is Weird

04.29.15 3 years ago 21 Comments
Enzo Big Cass


If Wendy’s delivering sick corporate burns to Zack Ryder wasn’t a good enough reminder than brands interacting with wrestlers is both hilarious and super weird, here are NXT favourites Enzo Amore and Big Cass making friends with toiler paper brand Cottonelle because…man, who even cares?

There’s something oddly endearing about a toilet paper company referring to Big Cass as “Colin.” I mean, if I had a dime for every time I called him Colin I would have ZERO DIMES. It’s like someone’s dad is talking to him and it’s GREAT. Now we just need Blake & Murphy to start tweeting about how much they love Charmin to impress Carmella because a) they are terrible at wooing her in the first place, and b) a toilet paper brand-based feud is so far from being the weirdest thing in the history of wrestling.

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