NXT’s Leaving Florida And Going On Tour As The Brand Civil War Looms

The feud between WWE and its own developmental system is about to get worse.

If you’ve been following the mounting hostilities between WWE’s main roster and NXT — from rumors that NXT had given main roster performers an inferiority complex to Vince McMahon thinking NXT’s overrated and planning increasingly humiliating gimmicks for its top stars — you’ll find this announcement interesting. NXT is leaving Florida (gasp) and touring up north for the first time as a promotion.

Via Facebook:

NXT Live! TAKES OVER OHIO for the FIRST TIME on March 5! Tickets for #NXTColumbus go on sale January 23 at 10 AM at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Box Office & at Ticketmaster outlets!

NXT regularly holds “house shows” in smaller cities around Florida and ran dark matches at WWE events, but this is the first time they’ve taken the show on the road as an act on its own outside of the region. Is this a test run for a WrestleMania weekend live special in California?

It’ll be fun to see if NXT’s hype and great word-of-mouth can sell out Full Sail-sized shows across the country and create buzz. I’m also happy to see Sasha Banks make the poster alongside Charlotte and the Leaders Of The New School. If you’re in the Ohio area, go to this show. I might try to go to this and I live in Texas. Support the yellow ropes!