Oh, Fabulous: The Latest Reddit Rumor Is That Kalisto Could Get A Gay Hairdresser Gimmick

“So Kalisto, I have to ask — can I get in for some highlights on Friday? No? Monday?”

A lot of NXT stars have had trouble transitioning to the main roster, but you’d think Kalisto would be the one guy to make the jump without any issues. He’s very, very obviously being groomed to be the next Rey Mysterio, right? Well, as it turns out, WWE can’t resist tinkering with a sure, easy thing.

According to the latest scuttlebutt, WWE recently had Kalisto try out an unmasked, gay hair stylist gimmick, and the dude was so good with it that they’re seriously considering using it for his main roster debut.

Of course, this rumor did come from Reddit, so take it with a generous helping of sodium if you want, but the source was poster MetsFan4Ever, a verified insider who’s broken stories in the past. For instance, he reported on the Adrian Neville Mighty Mouse stuff some time before more solid sources like the Wrestling Observer wrote about it, so it seems like he may have an inside track on WWE’s, uh, creative gimmick crafting process.

Now, let’s be clear, there should be more gay characters in WWE, so if Kalisto’s comfortable playing the character, it could be cool, but I fear WWE would want it to be an old-school Gay Gimmick, with a capital double-G. In 2015 being gay shouldn’t be a character’s core defining trait any more than being straight should be. Also, goofy occupational gimmicks have been failing miserably since the early-90s.

It should also be pointed out, that WWE already has an openly gay man with a preexisting “super into his hair” character under their employ. How ’bout just giving Darren Young some TV time and letting Kalisto fulfill his New ‘n’ Improved Rey Mysterio destiny?

via Wrestling Inc.