These Old Prodigy And AOL Chat Interviews Are An Awkward Pro Wrestling Blast From The Past

Need something to do for the next few hours? Why not check out this incredibly dated, but incredibly amusing database of old WWF interviews? Pointed out by some kind soul over at Reddit, you can now pick through these old AOL and Prodigy interview gems. Want to read a post-King of the Ring Stone Cold talk about trying to make a name for himself? Yeah, man, of course you do. Want to feel old when you remember how much time you used to spend on IRC? Hahaha, nope!

Of course, in hindsight, some of the questions are a bit…um…well, see for yourself. This is from a 1995 interview with Owen Hart:

Question: How was the match with Chris Benoit in his recent WWF tryout?

Owen: I remember the match vividly in Ohio and it was more of a Japanese style match. I enjoyed fighting him to show that I still have superior wrestling technique. I have superior wrestling technique against any wrestling territory. It would be nice to see Benoit find a home here at TitanSports.

Okay, so maybe that’s not so bad. It’s not like they could have known at the time what his legacy would be. In fact, Benoit himself addressed his legacy in his own 2004 interview:

Question: When Chris Benoit hangs up his boots for good, what will his legacy be? What will the next generation be saying about Chris Benoit?

Chris Benoit: Again, the people will dictate my legacy, and my peers will dictate my legacy. I’m not going to do that. Let them decide, because it’s them who paid their hard-earned money to come out and watch me, and buy pay-per-views, DVDs, shirts, and hats. They are the fans that I go out there and do what I love to do for. So, they can dictate all of that.

Again, not so bad. This one from the same Owen Hart interview, however. Yikes:

Question: What happened to the high-flying moves you once performed as the Blue Blazer? Has injury grounded you?

Owen: I would say injury has helped in bringing me down to reality, but high-risk maneuvers can be effective, but very dangerous. I have learned that I can do technical wrestling on the mat, and when necessary, high-risk moves can be successful.

Oh no. Ohhhh noooo.