One Former WWE Wrestler Thinks CM Punk Going To UFC Is Totally Fake

Quick recap: CM Punk had a life-threatening pimple and didn’t main event WrestleMania so he farted in front of HHH and made Vince McMahon cry and then went to MMA and now WWE sucks and Vince hates HHH and I wrote a lot of words and got called dumb some. Got it? Good.

Well, former ECW star and Impact Wrestling color commentator Taz(z) has a theory about the turn of events. He thinks it’s all a work. He thinks this is the most elaborate storyline of all time and CM Punk is actually going to return to WWE and wrestle. The conspiracy theories are entering “Montreal Screwjob Is A Work” territory and there’s no turning back. This combined with all the articles about how the Illuminati are conspiring to take Bill Cosby down are my two favorite wackjob things people are actually saying on the Internet these days.

To his credit, Taz(z) says his theory is a stretch, but he spends the rest of his 20 minutes explaining his theory again. So there’s that.