Did Oney Lorcan Change His Name Back To Biff Busick, Or Is He Just Being Weird On Twitter?

In addition to an always-welcome presence on NXT and 205 Live, Oney Lorcan is one of WWE‘s undisputed good-at-twitter wrestlers. I’d link some of his really good ones here, but Lorcan deleted all of his tweets earlier this month. When he started using the social media platform again, Lorcan changed his Twitter name to “Biff Busick,” which raises the question: Is he leaving WWE, getting a name change, or just being weird on Twitter?

Is Oney Lorcan Leaving WWE?

While the expiration dates of some wrestlers’ WWE contracts have been reported, Lorcan’s has not, so it’s hard to say! Lorcan is still listed as a current member of the WWE roster on the company’s website.

However, Biff Busick was his name on the indies (when he worked in promotions including CZW, Evolve, and PWG) from 2012 through when he signed with WWE in 2015, so one could speculate that he changed his Twitter name in order to hype a return to the independent circuit. Something else that could point to Lorcan leaving WWE is that he now links a Pro Wrestling Tees store in his bio, though there are a few active WWE wrestlers, like WALTER, who have Pro Wrestling Tees that they still use to sell new shirt designs.

Is Oney Lorcan Getting A Name Change?

Not officially, at least not yet. His WWE profile still calls him “Oney Lorcan.”

Is Oney Lorcan Just Being Weird On Twitter?

Whether he’s just being weird on Twitter, remains to be seen, but he is arguably being weird on Twitter. There haven’t been any new all-caps tweets about sleeping under a bench, etc., yet, but he is doing his “Oney Rules” gimmick but with “Biff Rules.” He’s also promoted an upcoming match in Progress, tweeted about going to a Pennywise concert, and posted lyrics from the Eddie Murphy song “Party All The Time.”

Unless Lorcan just decided to delete all his tweets and change his Twitter name for the heck of it, we’ll probably find out more news about his WWE future soon.