The Rock’s Shocked Face Was The Perfect Reaction To The Oscars Best Picture Debacle

After one of the most divisive Academy Awards ceremonies in recent memory, there’s one thing that absolutely everyone can agree on: there wasn’t nearly enough of The Rock. Dwayne Johnson (or “Dwinny Jan” as I, his close personal friend, refer to him) just showed up long enough to rock a blue tux and introduce a song from Moana. But it turns out that he was saving his best and most viral moment for the instant when all hell broke loose.

The Oscars has a super-surprise twist ending, of course, as Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty mistakenly awarded the Oscar for Best Picture to La La Land before it was revealed mid-acceptance speech that Moonlight actually won the award.

Confusion abounded for minutes on end, but luckily there was a photographer on hand to capture the crowd’s disbelief and shock, and pretty much instantly, everyone zeroed in on the best face of the bunch.

Yes, that’s Dwayne, completely stunned and deeply concerned, with even the merest hint of the People’s Eyebrow creeping into his expression. HE COULD NOT SMELL WHAT WAS BEING COOKED IN THE SLIGHTEST.

I haven’t seen the guy that concerned since he was on an about-to-explode zeppelin in Southland Tales. (Spoilers for Southland Tales, I guess? Sorry about that.)

But there were more pro wrestling parallels than just The Rock, of course.

That being said, we knew you’d find a way to steal the show somehow, Rock. It’s just that you don’t normally wait until the next morning to do it. That’s okay, though. We forgive you. I guess.