The Rock’s Shocked Face Was The Perfect Reaction To The Oscars Best Picture Debacle

Contributing Writer
02.27.17 9 Comments

After one of the most divisive Academy Awards ceremonies in recent memory, there’s one thing that absolutely everyone can agree on: there wasn’t nearly enough of The Rock. Dwayne Johnson (or “Dwinny Jan” as I, his close personal friend, refer to him) just showed up long enough to rock a blue tux and introduce a song from Moana. But it turns out that he was saving his best and most viral moment for the instant when all hell broke loose.

The Oscars has a super-surprise twist ending, of course, as Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty mistakenly awarded the Oscar for Best Picture to La La Land before it was revealed mid-acceptance speech that Moonlight actually won the award.

Confusion abounded for minutes on end, but luckily there was a photographer on hand to capture the crowd’s disbelief and shock, and pretty much instantly, everyone zeroed in on the best face of the bunch.

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