Check Out The First Trailer For WWE’s New Documentary, ‘Owen: Hart Of Gold’

At this point, WWE has produced DVDs for pretty much every major person and/or subject there is to cover, with one major exception – the life and career of Owen Hart. It’s hardly surprising that Owen hasn’t received a DVD, as his death is still very much an open wound, and WWE has been embroiled in various legal battles with Owen’s widow Martha over the years, but still, it’s a big omission in WWE’s home video catalog.

Well, as we reported back in May, WWE is finally working on an Owen Hart DVD. Originally, it was thought that Martha Hart was on board, but she later refuted that. While Martha’s non-involvement is unfortunate, it looks like pretty much all the rest of the Hart clan will be part of the DVD. You can get an early peek at Owen: Hart of Gold at the top of this post.

So, what are your thoughts on WWE doing an Owen Hart DVD? Has the company going ahead without Martha’s approval put you off? Or are you just happy to see Owen get his due after being largely stricken from the WWE history books for years? Honestly, I’m kind of hovering somewhere in the middle.

via Wrestling DVD Network