Paige And Alberto Del Rio Talk About The Knife Attack And Their Future Endeavors

It’s certainly been quite a couple weeks for pro wrestling’s most talked-about power couple. After the former Alberto Del Rio no-showed an event in the UK, he revealed he had been involved in a stabbing attack, which Paige was also present for. Then Paige was suspended for a second time by WWE, and she and her family started taking shots that WWE was forced to respond to. And the latest development with the two is that Alberto “El Presidente” has been named the actual President of a real life, legitimate MMA company.

I mean … that’s enough stuff, right?

Now, finally, someone has caught the two of them on video to ask them about their crazy-ass lives as of late. In what should come as a surprise to precisely no one, the media outlet that caught up to them was TMZ, in a completely random interview that was in no way staged as the couple just happened to be leaving a workout together. Look how happy these two are, though! Just a couple of happy-ass campers.

They talked about the knife attack and chalked it up to “some drunk idiot.” Although when asked whether Del Rio contacted the police, he deflected and said he doesn’t want to talk about the incident anymore, because “haters” on the internet will “make assumptions” about a “street fight.” Okay then!

They were also asked about Alberto’s new role with Combate Americas and what other projects they have lined up at the moment, since neither of them is a full-time wrestler for the time being.

It’s certainly not like Paige and Alberto don’t have enough going on at the moment. Maybe they’ll … have less going on soon. Here’s hoping!

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