Faster, Superstar! Kill! Kill!: Paige’s Friends Are Exactly Who They Should Be

11.21.17 2 years ago 8 Comments

By now you know that Paige returned to Raw on Monday night, and brought NXT’s Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose with her to flatten most of the Women’s Division and establish themselves as a violent heel faction to be reckoned with. Or maybe a tweener faction, considering they went full Eleanor Shellstrop on Alexa Bliss, beating her up too when she tried to cozy up to them. Either way, they’re kicking ass and taking names and looking great doing it.

Since the moment it happened, much of the wrestling internet has been deep in a discussion about who should have been called up to accompany Paige instead of Sonya and Mandy. After all (go the arguments), Sonya’s barely done anything in NXT and Mandy has only wrestled on TV twice (although she’s apparently been doing great work at house shows).

Everyone wants to see their favorite NXT women on the main roster, so I understand being disappointed that this debut wasn’t the Iconic Duo or Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross. Believe me, I love all of them, too. But when you think about it, any of those women would have been the wrong choice, whereas Sonya and Mandy actually work perfectly.

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