Paige Officially Announced Her Retirement From In-Ring Competition

An otherwise festive Raw After WrestleMania in New Orleans took a somber turn when, following a match between Sasha Banks and Mandy Rose, Paige took the mic and gave a retirement speech. We’ve known for a while that this moment was probably coming.

After Paige’s injury at a house show in December was caught on video and she was quickly removed from other scheduled shows, rumors spread that her in-ring career was ending. This was the sad confirmation we were waiting for, but also the catharsis that came from hearing her emotional speech.

It was really hard for me to sit on the sidelines yesterday at WrestleMania. I love this ring! I was born to be in this ring! This is my heart, this is my soul, and this is my blood! But unfortunately, due to neck injuries, I can no longer perform as an in-ring competitor.

She thanked the rest of the women’s division, saying how proud she was to be a part of it. She also thanked Daniel Bryan and Edge for their perspectives on dealing with career-ending injuries. She said that having made her debut at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans, she’s specifically chosen there to make her retirement. As she went on, the crowd began chanting “This is your house!” and a tearful Paige agreed, “This will always be my house.”