WWE Diva Paige Thinks Ronda Rousey Would Destroy Everyone In WWE, Male Or Female

Ronda Rousey and WWE Diva Paige are two people credited for starting the ‘Divas Revolution’ storyline (aka viewing female performers as legitimate wrestlers and gasp actual human beings) in WWE. Rousey has been giving the same soundbite for months in regards to making another appearance in WWE, about how real wrestling fans would want to be surprised, but if she can, she will.

Lately she’s elaborated on that, though, even expressing a desire to one day hold a WWE Divas Championship. While it’s great to see someone at the top of their field treat the women’s belt as a legitimate accomplishment, there’s that whole issue of Rousey being, you know, absolutely terrifying.

Former Divas champ Paige echoes that sentiment, admitting to talkSPORT that while a WWE ring is the only place she would ever go head to head with Rousey, she’d still be reticent to mess with her in any way:

…she would totally destroy every single one of us, including the men! There’s not really a strategy you can do but if it is in the wrestling ring, there’s her inexperience that kind of goes against her that way, y’know? But still, I wouldn’t want to mess with her! At any point she could say: ‘Eff this, I’m just going to put you in an armbar!’ And you’d have no choice, right? But no, I wouldn’t want to be first in line to take her on — she would kick my ass!

Paige’s strategy should she ever find herself staring down Rousey in the squared circle?

Maybe I can do the old lick on the face, crawl over her, hope she freaks out and pin her from there.

Revolutionary indeed. Let’s hope Holly Holm doesn’t give that strategy any consideration at UFC 193, or else that fight is going to become a crime scene real fast.

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