Paige Talked Her Terrible ‘Total Divas’ Stable And Whether Her Family Will Make The Show

A couple months back it was revealed that the creeping slime mold that is Total Divas had claimed Paige and Alicia Fox, which was unfortunate, but perhaps not quite as bad as we thought back then. Nikki Bella is Divas Champion after all, so it seems like the girls are now allowed to play in both worlds to some extent. Still, you can’t help but wonder, what the hell is the “anti-Diva” going to be doing on the most Diva-est show to ever Diva? Well, apparently Paige will be wild, young and leading a pretty awful-sounding Total Divas mini-stable

“Rosa and I are close. But you’ll see, it’s me, Rosa and Foxy all together. I love to play jokes on people so you’ll see a lot of that. We’re the three amigos and we just kind of do things spur of the moment. Crazy stuff, like I’ll take them places and we did some pretty crazy stuff which I think people will enjoy. And being single ladies too, that’s always a plus to watch. I kind of got the other girls out, like whenever I want to do stuff I force the other girls to come and have fun with me and experience how I live my life. They’re doing more crazy stuff because I feel like I’m influencing them somehow. Live like a 22-year-old lives!”

Oh, to live like a 22-year-old again – time to dig out my Gamecube and return to an all-beef jerky diet. Oh, and Paige and Rosa, that’s uh, pretty believable, right? I’m guessing the new girls just got last pick when it came to choosing besties for the new season.

I love lamp…er, I mean Rosa. 

But what about the one possibly redeeming thing about Paige being on Total Divas for wrestling nerds like us? Will her wacky British wrestling family, including mom Saraya Knight and dad Ricky Knight be on the show? Thankfully, it sounds like the answer is yes

“I don’t know what I can reveal at this point but there’s lots of big [family] moments. To be honest, my family is so supportive of everything I do and the more opportunities I get, the more happy they are for me. You’ll get to see a little bit of my dad on the show and I will tell you, he gets mad at me over the decisions I make, but overall they’re happy for me.”

Hopefully her dad’s main objection is to those weak-ass headbutts she does. So, anyone morbidly curious to see Paige on Total Divas? Who will she end up marrying by the end of the season? How, specifically, will Nattie be awful to her? Place your bets now.

via E! Online