Paige VanZant Turns Down ‘Kickboxer’ And A WWE Appearance To Focus On The UFC

Apparently finishing as a runner-up on last season’s Dancing With The Stars was the only taste of show business Paige VanZant needed this year, as she’s turned down both a role in the upcoming Kickboxer sequel and a spot in WWE’s SummerSlam.

As reported on MMA Junkie, VanZant (6-2 MMA, 3-1 UFC) declined both in order to focus on a fight with Bec Rawlings on UFC on Fox 21 in August. It was reported earlier this month that WWE was courting VanZant for an appearance in the biggest party of the summer, but VanZant has made her priorities clear:

“I feel like I just missed violence. I went to a few UFC fights and it’s really hard for me to sit still cageside because I just want to be in there and that’s how it’s been every time I go to a UFC fight.”

It’s a shame she’s not getting involved with SummerSlam, because “I just missed violence” might be one of the coolest promo lines I’ve heard in ages.

VanZant is not the first female fighter to cement her dedication to the octagon in recent months. Holly Holm also recently turned down a role in the apparently lady MMA desperate Kickboxer film, and made sure to throw some shade in Ronda Rousey’s direction while doing it.