Watch NXT Fans Sing ‘Purple Rain’ During A Velveteen Dream Match

06.16.17 10 months ago 13 Comments

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Patrick Clark’s “Velveteen Dream” character in NXT is perfectly polarizing. Clark is putting on an act that lands somewhere between Prince and Jimi Hendrix (okay, fine, it lands almost entirely on the Prince end), and fans either love it or they hate it. I’m personally on the “love it” side, but please be aware that I am historically a big dumb idiot. (Just ask the internet!)

The Prince act isn’t lost on a single damn person, because he’s bathed in purple light (and purple pants) at all times, he has the Prince “third eye” sunglasses, the billowy pirate shirt, the whole deal. But what IS new is during Thursday’s NXT Live Event in Richmond, the crowd took it upon themselves to burst into song, serenading the Velveteen Dream with a rendition of (the chorus of) “Purple Rain” during his match against Drew McIntyre.

Here’s another angle, where the melody is mostly lost, sort of similar to like any time past the second time NXT fans tried to sing the name “Gable” to the tune of Kurt Angle’s theme song and it just became a toneless GABLE GABLE GABLE GABLE GABLE drone.

But since NXT chant ownership is a big deal, Richmond wants Full Sail to know they don’t get credit for this one.

You have your marching orders, Brooklyn: practice your “Purple Rain” singing now, because this will be expected of the Barclays Center in late August.

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