Here’s Paul Heyman On The Secret To Being Best Friends With Brock Lesnar

No, it’s not singing church hymns with Brock Lesnar parody lyrics.

In an interview with CBS Sports, Paul Heyman — the “one behind the one in 21-1,” the “voice of the voice of the voiceless” and a number of other super-long nicknames — spoke candidly about what it takes to be best friends with a guy like Brock Lesnar. My theory was, “collect a wagon full of Jimmy John’s freaky fast subs every morning and wheel it to wherever he’s napping by lunchtime,” but the actual answer is interesting, too. It turns out if you want to be pals with The Beast Incarnate, you just have to be honest.

“I’ve never let him down. I always tell Brock Lesnar the truth. I don’t appease Brock Lesnar. I don’t placate Brock Lesnar. When Brock Lesnar asks me for an opinion, I give to him an honest opinion that I’m willing to back up with facts, with theory. It’s never just what he wants to hear, or what benefits me the most. And I get the same from him, I assure you.”

There you have it. You just don’t feed Brock a line of bullsh*t, and he’ll refrain from making piss run down your leg. Isn’t that the core of any real friendship?

Now somebody ask Dana White what his secret is.