Paul Heyman Discussed Ronda Rousey, Upcoming WWE Talent, The Genius Of Roddy Piper And More

Looking back on the year thus far, it’s clear that Paul Heyman is WWE’s 2015 MVP by rather a long shot. Whether he’s administering bug-eyed last rites over The Undertaker’s career, or leading Minnesota crowds in a spirited rendition of The Battle Hymn of Suplex City, the guy’s just been on another level. CBS Sports recently sat down with the red hot Heyman to get his opinion on a variety of subjects.

Of course, no interview with Heyman would be complete without asking who he’d pick as his next Heyman guys (and girls)…

“I think there is a roster filled with superstars that have yet to be exploited to their full potential. I don’t think anyone realizes how much Bray Wyatt has to offer. Roman Reigns has been in an advertised WrestleMania main-event. I don’t think people have even seen more than one or two layers of Roman Reigns, and there’s a lot. There’s a lot more to Roman Reigns than what you’ve seen so far. Cesaro, who has been knocking on the door of the main-events for the past several years, is just now coming into his own, and what an opportunity he has with Kevin Owens to put on career-making performances for both of them at SummerSlam. I think the women have an opportunity just in the next year or so to become bona fide, first-time-ever pay-per-view main-eventers in WWE. How could you not look at the Bellas, how could you not look at Paige, how could you not look at Charlotte and Sasha Banks, how could you not look at these women and say that they are going to main-event? Because they are.”

Now, what about somebody outside WWE? What advice would Paul give, say, Ronda Rousey if she were her much-speculated on return to WWE?

“If Ronda Rousey were to show up in WWE, the best advice that I could give her is to sign on the dotted line and appoint Paul Heyman as her advocate.”

Pretty good advice, I’d say. While on Rowdy subject, Heyman also spoke about what made Roddy Piper such an indelible performer.

“His willingness to ignore barriers and boundaries and to put himself out there on a ledge at all times, and to say daring things that sometimes made no sense at all, but they were said with such passionate delivery that people would read into it and find meaning in his words. I think Piper was such a unique character because he was so uninhibited in his approach to putting his personality out there to the masses.”

Finally, because he’s earned it, let’s give Paul one more chance to hype Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker at SummerSlam…

“Well, I think anyone that is considering subscribing to the WWE Network to watch Brock Lesnar — who gets top billing, by the way — versus The Undertaker, needs to take into account the following: How many more times in life will you get to see Brock Lesnar wrestle a match? There’s only a certain number of matches he’s willing to do before he just goes and becomes a farmer and a hunter full-time. As for the The Undertaker, you have to ask yourself the same question: How many more matches does The Undertaker have? And my answer to that is one. Because he’s gonna get his ass kicked so bad at SummerSlam, I don’t know if you’ll ever see The Undertaker again.”

There’s plenty of other good stuff to be found in CBS Sports’ interview, including Heyman’s thoughts on Seth Rollins as champion and, finally, a detailed explanation of the difference between a manager and an advocate. If you want to check the rest out, just click below.

via CBS Sports