Paul Heyman Will Reportedly Be Starring In His Own Reality Show

There are few more interesting people in the world of professional wrestling than Paul Heyman. Not only is Heyman one of the best pro wrestling managers of all time and the visionary behind ECW, he also is the co-owner of the Looking 4 Larry marketing firm in Long Island which has worked with everyone from Brock Lesnar, to Taylor Swift, to Yahoo.

It will be Looking 4 Larry that will be the primary focus of a brand new “unscripted” reality series starring Heyman himself according to The Wrap.

The show will feature what one person at the company called Heyman’s “ingeniously dysfunctional” approach to advertising and marketing. The series comes about after a Yahoo Sports documentary on Heyman and his band of “Advocates” went viral during “WrestleMania 32” week.

“It’s a day in the life of the Looking4Larry agency and all of the many problems that we are forced to solve,” Heyman described the show for us. “It’s the juggling act.”

Heyman will be working with Left/Right productions (which has produced shows such as Mob Wives, Donny, and This American Life) to produce the show, and the pilot episode has reportedly already begun shooting in New York City.

I would watch essentially anything that includes Paul Heyman and this will be no exception. My only hope is that there is at least one episode where Brock Lesnar sits in his office and eats Jimmy John’s while Heyman writes his promos.

(Via The Wrap)