People Are Petitioning To Erect A Macho Man Randy Savage Statue In Ohio

Ah, Columbus. Home of the Buckeyes, an incredible slow-food movement, and maybe, one day soon, a giant ass statue of Macho Man Randy Savage.

A petition to make this a reality has started making its way around the internet. The petition includes this letter to Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther:

Dear Mayor Ginther,

Randy Mario Poffo, Also known as Macho Man Randy Savage is known the world over as one of the world’s best Professional Wrestlers of all time. During Savage’s 32 Year Pro Wrestling Career, he held over 20 championships, including the WWF and WCW World Heavy Weight title and is a WWE Hall of Famer. Randy Savage also wrestled in what most considered the best wrestling match of all time in front of 93,000 fans at Wrestlemania 3.

What most do not know is that Randy Savage was born in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus should honor it’s native son by placing a statue of downtown Columbus.

Macho Man Randy Savage was an incredible athlete, performer, and cultural icon. Columbus should do the Poffo family proud by building a statue in his honor.

At the time of publishing, the petition is less than 500 signatures away from its goal. So c’mon, folks. Sign the petition, help a city out, and for the love of god make sure the statue is of The Macho King: