The Best Peyton Royce And Billie Kay Reaction GIFs To Celebrate The Iconic NXT Duo

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.16.17 16 Comments

If you’re like us, your favorites on WWE NXT are Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, the Iconic Duo. The NXT breakout stars of 2016 have turned into a wonderful combination of fun pro wrestling and evil, cartoonish friendship, and despite their characters not really evolving beyond “mean Australian lady who wears dramatic gloves” and “mean Australian lady who smells a flower,” they’re gold pretty much every time they’re on screen.

To celebrate that, I’ve put together a compilation of my ten favorite Iconic Duo GIFs, which I believe can be used for any occasion. Especially if your occasions involving winning awards, beating up Liv Morgan, and, yes, smelling a flower from time to time.

The best we can ever hope for is to find a friend like Billie Kay, and if you’re Billie and you’re reading this, to find a friend like Peyton Royce.

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