Not Even The Internet’s Favorite Piano Player Is Immune To John Cena’s Theme

Twitch is set up to be a live-stream service for gaming, but you can do pretty much anything on there, just as long as you’re not using licensed music or flashing your genitals. On his stream, Bernie Katzman — also known as “Pianoimproman” — takes requests for a wide range of songs and plays them on the spot, and he gladly accepts tips from his viewers. It’s kind of like one of those dueling piano bars, except with a lot fewer drunk people yelling that “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger is TOTALLY their jam. Katzman plays everything from Claude Debussy to tunes from indie video game darling Undertale, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the theme song of a certain 15-time world champion has worked its way into his repertoire.

[protected-iframe id=”1af08df54db65c0cb052140463dcc8c5-60970621-19917426″ info=”” width=”650″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

How am I supposed to crack jokes at this? It’s too wonderful! The Sudden John Cena meme is more or less a distant relic of 2015, but when Katzman starts bouncing around on his keyboard and just lets two measures of this song hang in the air before going back to whatever he was playing in the first place, it’s comedy gold. There’s also a version where he takes a break from jazzing up the 1966 Batman TV series theme, and it’s every bit as amazing.

[protected-iframe id=”e2323e80f2b79d63a6b5b901770eaf40-60970621-19917426″ info=”” width=”650″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

You’re the champ, Bernie. Don’t let anyone tell you different. If you want to catch him live, his schedule is over on his Twitch profile. I might have to drop in and see if he knows Undertaker’s funeral march or something.