Here’s Why You Shouldn’t German Suplex Your Friends Into Swimming Pools

Here’s a cautionary tale for anyone who though they could hold a pool party in Suplex City. You shouldn’t German suplex your friend into a swimming pool, especially not if you’ve got a sweet, Chad Gable-style bridge.

This clip from Current Vibes (not sure of the original source) has been making the rounds on social media on Wednesday, and for good reason. It’s a guy bridging too beautifully poolside and almost paralyzing himself in the world’s most dangerous interpretation of those “brutal WWE moves on girls” videos.

Like, look at this:

At least we know we won’t need Madusa showing up or Brock Lesnar telling the guy to go f*ck himself.

Here’s our new rule for the summer: Doing wrestling moves into a pool is fine and a lot of fun, we aren’t your parents or anything, just try to get everybody’s everything into the water. We don’t want any of our hilarious viral videos ending in somber tragedy. Also, if you’re gonna German suplex someone, make sure they’re hitting the ground/water first. Otherwise you’re just spike piledriving yourself.