The ‘Pornstar For President’ Campaign Featuring WWE’s Virgil Held A Presser And We Were There

I know that last week when we broke the news that Wrestling Superstar Virgil was part of adult film star Cherie DeVille’s announced bid for the United States Presidency, we could’ve just been screwing around. Sure, the website is real (and shockingly safe for work, as long as you don’t google around too much), but pornstars? Virgil? Coolio?

Well, as you can see by the above video, the campaign is very real. Here’s Virgil in a hot pink vest with the Million Dollar Championship over his shoulder, cutting promos about having history with Donald Trump, and here’s Coolio with little holes cut out in his campaign hat so his hair tendrils can get out. Virgil is willing to give up his life for this. Which you know means something, because his life is also nWo for the duration of itself.

If you’re like anyone else who’s seen this, you’ll start with, “ha, what,” and end with a pretty damn solid candidate for President. Can … can we just make this work, for real? It may appear like these people are joking around, you know, they actually have real opinions, stances on things and plans for things. And shouldn’t we have a Vice President who knows and appreciates both Kenan AND Kel?

Get that f*ck money, Virgil.