This U.K. Election Remix Of The Iconic Limp Bizkit WrestleMania 17 Hype Video Is Perfect

There’s a special general election going on this week in the United Kingdom, after Prime Minister Theresa May announced there would be a vote for … Prime Minister, but three years ahead of schedule. This was done, in part, to try and strengthen support for the Brexit movement, which still has some hurdles to clear before it can be finalized.

May likely thought the special early election would be a slam dunk (political term), but her opponent Jeremy Corbyn has closed the gap dramatically, and it’s expected to come down to the wire. If this sounds like it’s fraught with drama and potential game-changing repercussions, you’re right! It’s the type of drama we haven’t seen since … oh, well, I’d say WrestleMania X-Seven.

You’re likely already intimately familiar with it, but one of the things that made the build up to WrestleMania X-Seven so phenomenal was, oddly enough, Limp Bizkit. Their song “My Way” was used by the incomparable WWE video team to create what was arguably the first truly indispensable main event hype video, and it has gone into the pantheon alongside the “Hate Me Now” Miz-John Cena video. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen it, here you go:

Now, obviously, that totally rules. Thankfully, the website JOE has taken snippets of the May-Corbyn press coverage and plugged it into that template. It works wayyyyyy better than you’d expect, and it’s truly wonderful.

Thank you, JOE, for doing the lord’s work here. Allow us to stand up and shout, because you did things your way. And it was great.