Pro Wrestlers Got Together To Help The 5-Year Old Cancer Patient Who Asked The World For Birthday Cards

Late last week, the Internet got together to have an ugly cry over the story of Danny Nickerson. If you missed it, Danny is a 5-year old Massachusetts boy with an inoperable brain tumor, and all he wants from the world to help him in his battle against cancer is birthday cards.

Via ABC News:

Danny Nickerson, of Foxboro, Massachusetts, will turn six on July 25. He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor this past October — one of the most chemotherapy-resistant cancers. As a result, he has since stopped going to kindergarten.

The boy gets lonely from time to time, and is always happy to get cards with his name written on them.

Doctors tell Nickerson that less than 10 percent of the children diagnosed with this type of cancer live longer than 18 months.

As you might know, the world of pro wrestling is very aware and sensitive to the struggles of kids like Danny. You might remember the amazing relationship they had with Connor Michalek, as one of countless examples.

Former WCW and WWE Champion Bill Goldberg heard about Danny’s story via Yahoo and decided to send him the best birthday card he could … a card signed by every wrestler he could find, and a video card to accompany it. Some of those wrestlers include Ric Flair, Bret Hart and Edge. That’s a serious collection of talent.

Here’s the video itself, featuring an emotional intro from Goldberg. Get your tissues ready. Watch it all the way through to the end, too, because Zeus shows up.