‘Queens Of The Ring’ Features CM Punk And Eve Torres Cameos And Looks Shockingly Decent

WWE Studios’s upcoming release schedule is looking, well, pretty typical (Jingle All the Way 2 starring Satino Marella, See No Evil 2, another f*cking Marine) but amongst all the crap there’s one movie that kind of sticks out.

Queens of the Ring isn’t a hackneyed horror flick or another lame attempt to do Die Hard, it’s a French movie about a single mother named Rose trying to become a WWE Diva in order to connect with her wrestling fan son. That…actually sound kind of sweet.

Queens of the Ring also features some interesting cameos — the movie must have been waiting on the shelf for a while, because it features appearances by CM Punk and Eve Torres (and The Miz, if you must know). Hopefully just as the movie hits its climax with Rose walking into the locker room for the first time, we briefly see Punk walking out the door in the other direction and that’s his entire cameo.

Check out the trailer below…

[protected-iframe id=”73293a2856f3c07b407838966064c2a8-60970621-60713907″ info=”http://cms.springboardplatform.com/embed_iframe/67/video/1055905/cr025/craveonline.com/10/1/” width=”650″ height=”366″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

Again, looked pretty okay, right? Of course a regular, slightly older lady busting her ass to make it to the WWE probably wouldn’t end in stardom and triumph in the real world. I assume the fact that the lead actress kind of looks like Sara Del Rey is just a coincidence.

via Wrestling Inc.