R-Truth Is Being Advertised For A Bluegrass Festival And We’re Just As Confused As You

No, really.

According to ReverbNation, Ron Killings — also known as 50-year old WWE Superstar R-Truth — will be performing at “Bluegrass at the Audi” on Saturday night, February 6, in Broomfield, Colorado. This is odd because (1) Killings is a pro wrestler, (2) he’s a rapper, and (3) he’s only got one song, which he’s been performing for almost a decade. Is Bluegrass at the Audi gonna get a banjo cover of ‘What’s Up?’

Here he is, advertised alongside “Kantankerous,” who look like they stumbled off the Pappy O’Daniel Flour Hour.

I thought this might be an issue of ReverbNation just linking the wrong profile for someone named “Ron,” because the “details” section mentions a band leader named Ron Thomason, but then this popped up on Twitter:

So, we’re left with two possibilities:

1. This IS an issue of ReverbNation pasting in the wrong “Ron” profile and Truth’s artist page is automatically linked to his Twitter feed, leading to an hilarious mix-up that gives us the wonderful image of Ron Killings performing at a Colorado bluegrass festival, or…

2. Truth’s going to wander out on stage in the middle of a Kantankerous jam and tell the Bluegrass at the Audi crowd that he’s opening Fast Lane by challenging Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Then some jugbander pulls him to the side, explains where he’s at, and Truth tells the crowd, “My bad, that’s on me.”

We’re okay with either of these.