R-Truth Is Reportedly Getting A WWE Network Game Show And We Have Name Ideas

The WWE Network will be reportedly adding a game show to their lineup for the first time later this year and the show will be hosted by none other than R-Truth, according to PWInsider.com. Per the report, the show has already filmed the pilot and got picked up for a season that will begin in either late summer or early fall on the Network.

The name for the show is unknown at the moment, and while they probably already have the name picked out it might not be too late to change it. That’s what we’re hoping, because we have some ideas for what an R-Truth hosted game show could be called. Here are some of our thoughts, which admittedly get pretty bad.

To Tell The R-Truth
R You Smarter Than A 5th Grader
Kids Say The R’ndest Things
Truth R Dare
The R-Truth Hurts
What’s Up! With That
Superma-R-ket Sweep
R-Truth Or Consequences
Ca-R-d Sharks
Deal R No Deal
Double Da-R-e
$100,000 Py-R-Amid
Hollywood Squa-R-es

Actually, scratch that last one, the WWE Network should make Jeffpardy! a reality and just have Jeff Hardy host it.

I really just wanted to make sure you all have seen Jeffpardy! before. Anyways, let us know in the comments what you think R-Truth’s game show should be called and maybe the WWE will make it a reality.