Randy Orton Is Getting His Rematch Against Brock Lesnar At A House Show, For Some Reason

08.29.16 3 years ago 5 Comments

Randy Orton will get his revenge against Brock Lesnar after one of the bloodiest finishes in WWE PPV history, and only a select amount of people will get to see it.

After spending months out of the ring recovering from a shoulder injury, Orton found himself returning to a high-profile feud with the most intimidating performer in the company. Their main event match at SummerSlam came to an early finish (always the worst, amirite?) when Lesnar decided to elbow Orton until his head split open, and then punch him some more. Fans were just as disappointed with the stoppage as Seth Rollins was when people said the belt he wanted was ugly and looked like a fruit roll-up.

Now, WWE is giving Orton another shot at the Beast Incarnate, but there’s a catch: instead of hyping up a grudge match for Backlash on September 11, possibly because it’s too soon, they’re gonna fight it out at a house show. Orton versus Lesnar is now being advertised for the WWE Live event on September 24 in Chicago:

There’s still time to get more eyes on the feud, and this could just be an indication of what we’re gonna get on the next few episodes of SmackDown, but it just seems a little odd to announce that before any of that happens. Either way, let’s hope it’s the latter because man, if some guy split my head open like that, I’d be ready to beat his ass where everyone could see it.*

*Unless that person is Brock Lesnar who is big and tough and strong and oh man I sure hope he doesn’t see this

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