Watch Randy Orton’s Wife Hit Him With An RKO From Outta Nowhere


A man getting hit with his own finishing move at the beach isn’t necessarily “news” or the kind of thing you can editorialize about, but the Internet loves itself an RKO out of nowhere. Whether it’s random people hitting it for the lulz and achieving infamy or kids pretending to hit it on their principal and getting arrested (and getting arrested again for doing the same thing to a mall alligator), few things get folks to click on a post faster than the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment.

In the latest installment of As The Jumping Cutter Turns, we have Kim Orton, Viper wife, hitting the move on Orton himself. It’s been a long time coming, especially after that clip of him hitting it on his own kid.

Please enjoy the following clip, posted on Instagram, which remembers that half the joy of knowing an RKO from out of nowhere is coming is the anticipation.

Man, you’d think he’d know how to counter that. Although maybe it would’ve been a bad idea for him to remain upright and shove his wife into the ocean.

Orton challenges Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship at this weekend’s SummerSlam, so let’s hope Kofi’s watching closely. Distract him with the beach.