Randy Orton Also Thought His WrestleMania 33 Entrance Was Terrible

One of the many, many wonderful things about WrestleMania every year is the elaborate, over-the-top entrances from the main event Superstars … and sometimes non-main event players get some pretty swank entrances as well. This year alone, Sasha Banks rode out on some sort of Doom Buggy, Charlotte Flair got an elaborate fireworks backdrop, Seth Rollins came out with a torch to set the ramp on fire, and Triple H had some sort of tangible midlife crisis in biker gang form.

But the man who walked away from the evening with the WWE Championship, Randy Orton, got something … well, “special,” certainly. In theory, I’m sure “The Viper, Randy Orton, will walk down the entrance ramp as though his means of conveyance is enormous, fearsome snake” sounded AWESOME. In practice, however, it was … uh … you know. Not that.

The jokes flew fast and furious on social media and in the stadium. (And, as I can attest, in the press box.) The snake looked less like a snake from above, and more like a big ol’ sperm. And guess what? The man himself thought so, as well. During a Q&A at Wizard World St. Louis this past weekend, Orton was asked about his entrance, and according to Bleeding Cool, he had no problem lamenting it.

Orton remarked to the all-ages crowd that “The snake looked like giant sperm.” He then proceeded to answer follow-up questions, explaining that he has no say whatsoever in his WrestleMania entrances. Orton stated that he would love to have an elaborate entrance like Triple H had at this year’s event but he is often “screwed out of entrances.”

His disdain of the video snake was echoed later in the panel as a response to the question of a young boy no older than ten. The child asked Orton what his favorite pay-per-view is. Orton replied that he loves the big four, but even WrestleMania can have its negative side, such as having to “ride a giant sperm” down the ramp.

Poor Randy Orton. He has a legacy of underwhelming WrestleMania matches, and now a legacy of underwhelming WrestleMania entrances, as well. Hang in there, buddy. Maybe it’ll get better one day.