WATCH: Indie Wrestling Powerhouse Ray Rowe’s Documentary Trailer For ‘The Path’

If you’re a fan of Ray Rowe, you probably know him from bashing around the Cleveland indie circuit, or making big impressions down in Texas, or even doing crazy stuff like this each week as one half of the ROH tag team War Machine alongside the fantastic Warbeard Hanson:

While it’s impossible not to be impressed by his in-ring work, it’s even more astounding when you realize that Rowe was never supposed to get back into a wresting ring. In fact, Rowe was sidelined in 2014 by a motorcycle accident that, by all accounts and doctor’s assessments, should have killed him. Rowe continued to defy all odds and not just get back on his feet, but return to wrestling better than he’s ever been.

Rowe is currently crowd-funding a documentary about his accident and journey back to professional wrestling, with portions of the proceeds going to cover his outstanding medical bills. Having seen the accident photos (which are really gruesome, even for someone who is permanently on the “gross sports injury” beat at Uproxx Sports), I’m consistently amazed that he was able to walk away, let alone come back and do what he does week in and week out. Ray Rowe is one of the toughest people on the planet, and you seriously won’t want to miss out on watching this comeback story.