Renee Young Is Fed Up With Harassment From Dean Ambrose Fans

These days, anybody who chooses to live their life even marginally in the public spotlight has to deal with their fair share of online jerks, but lovely WWE interviewer and announcer Renee Young is in a particularly unenviable position. As the significant other of balding WWE heartthrob Dean Ambrose, Renee not only has to deal with standard-issue trolls, but a nonstop deluge of hate from Ambrose’s jilted female fans.

The whole situation is undeniably absurd, and we’ve chuckled a bit about it in the past, but the reality of the situation is Renee Young is having to deal with some pretty ugly hate on a pretty much constant basis. The situation has become so bad that Young, usually the consummate professional, recently went off on the trolls, posting this little spiel on Instagram

“I really wish people could focus on more important things in their own lives rather than stay up way past your bedtimes on a school night and try and tear down other people. It’s exhausting and it’s stupid and it’s so sad.

I understand that most of these comments come from teenagers that compare high-school stories to real life, but grow up. And if you are an adult, you should be ashamed of yourselves for behaving like a maniac because you ‘think you know who these people are.’ You make social media a horrible time, and turn into a forum for a roast. TV is not real life. Period.”

Unsurprisingly, this didn’t do much to deter the haters. Recently, Renee posted this picture of her standing next to, gasp, a man who’s not Dean Ambrose, and it was on like crazy-ass Donkey Kong again. This time around, Renee didn’t have to go off, because her friend Summer Rae came to her defense in the comments.

“TO EVERYONE IN THESE COMMENTS: I feel so so very sorry for most of you. The fact that you actually take your OWN precious time out of your day to make these lame comments is so weird. Like REALLY odd. Kinda creepy even that the infatuation with someone’s personal life of a person you don’t know could be THAT strong. If you are unsure of what to do with your spare time I would suggest hobbies or volunteering for a local homeless shelter or opening your mind & reading a book. I know it may take a long time for some of you guys but hey, we all have to start somewhere. Think how much better the world would be if all of these internet stalkers trolling around actually got up & put the time it takes to put people down on the internet…to good use! Now that would be a great world to live in! I won’t hold my breathe for that day but hey, a gal can dream.”

WWE ring announcer Eden also chimed in.

“What was the saying? What if you fell in love with someone and then found out they trolled celebrities on the internet? My guess…it’s already happened and that’s why trollin’ is all they got!”

While it’s nice to see Renee get some support, this won’t improve the situation. I’m not sure anything will. The trolls deserve to be taken to task, but yelling “grow up and get a grip” at crazy teenagers doesn’t tend to have much effect. Ideally, Renee wouldn’t have to expose her personal life to scrutiny on social media, but obviously that’s not an option anymore in 2015. If there’s one good thing to come out of all of this, it’s that the heat of internet hatred looks to have forged a new superteam

Long live Team Hot & Young.

(Via SEScoops)