Watch Rey Mysterio (Almost) Help Stephen Colbert Celebrate Hanukkah

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has featured The Undertaker Tombstoning a turkey and John Cena singing Adele, so why shouldn’t The Late Show with Stephen Colbert have Rey Mysterio show up to celebrate Hanukkah?

The only problem is that “a scheduling conflict” prevented Mysterio from actually being there, so all we’ve got is a weird slideshow of how great he is with some Hanukkah stuff bookending it.

Even weirder:

1. They mention that he won the Royal Rumble and five WCW Cruiserweight Championships, but make no mention of him being a former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion. Is Stephen Colbert like me? Is he going to constantly prioritize WCW accomplishments? So, this is what it feels like when doves cry.

2. They did a really hasty job image searching “Rey Mysterio.” Check out the picture at the 0:19 mark. That’s not Rey Mysterio, that’s Sin Cara wrestling El Local. Yes, folks, Sin Cara just botched an appearance on Colbert.

Stephen, if you’re listening, you’re doing this Hanukkah celebration all wrong. If you’re bringing in cruiserweights from 1996 to help you celebrate, bring in Dean Malenko. Not only is he Jewish, but he can beat Mysterio like six out of 10 times.

clip via YouTube