Rey Mysterio Met With Vince McMahon Last Night At Raw, And It Sounds Like Things Were Awkward

WWE and Rey Mysterio have not been getting along so well lately. The bad blood stems from WWE renewing Mysterio’s contract without telling him while he was on the shelf nursing his sad old-man knees. This is, apparently, a thing WWE is allowed to do, because their contracts are written up by Satan himself, but still, it’s nice gesture to at least ask, y’know?

Rey’s dissatisfaction has led him to some fairly brazen acts of defiance, like showing up at top Mexican promotion AAA’s big anniversary show despite still being under contract to WWE. So, given how far things have devolved, it’s surprising to hear that Rey Mysterio was actually backstage at this Monday’s Raw. Unfortunately, the two sides reportedly wanted very different things.

WWE still wants Mysterio back bad, and the creative team were instructed to start working on new storylines for him. Rey, on the other hand, is said to still have no interest in returning to WWE or any other wrestling company for that matter, and was only at Raw to try and convince WWE to let him go. His appearances at other promotions like AAA and Lucha Underground were likely just a ploy to get out of his WWE contract – word is Mysterio is looking to take a break from wrestling, perhaps to pursue acting or possibly just work on his old luchadore beer gut.

Ultimately though, Mysterio still owes WWE some dates, and he might not want to burn all his bridges with the company, so we may be in for a particularly uninspired final Mysterio run over the next few months. Booyaka?

via Wrestling Inc. & Wrestling Observer