Ric Flair Has Been Cast In An R-Rated Wrestling Comedy With A Bizarre Title

03.08.18 9 months ago 2 Comments


Ever since his recovery from a nearly fatal illness last fall, Ric Flair has had a new lease on life. The ESPN documentary about his life was released, he appeared at WWE’s Starrcade live event, and he became wrestling’s Colonel Sanders, whatever that means. Most recently, he’s appeared in a hip hop video.

Today, via The Wrap, we learn that the Nature Boy has also signed on for what sounds like a major role in an upcoming movie with the unusual title of Uncle Steamroller & The Champion Rabbit. The film, which is written by Brian Kowalchuk, is currently in production. The protagonist is an Iraqi war vet and pro wrestler, who’s trying to make it back to the top with a failed motivational speaker as his manager. Ric Flair will appear as the president of the World Wrestling Union, the Las Vegas-based promotion in which the main character wrestles.

The Wrap refers to Uncle Steamroller & The Champion Rabbit as Ric Flair’s “feature-length acting debut,” but that’s not precisely true.

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