Ric Flair Talked About That Time He Accidentally Destroyed Sting’s Leg At Clash Of The Champions X

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Sting was on a recent episode of Ric Flair’s podcast, and the two legends talked about their feud through the years and some of their memorable moments. One stuck out to me for the fact that I don’t think I ever knew it happened. We all know about the infamous moment when the Four Horsemen turned on Sting after he’d beaten Flair at Starrcade, but what happened next was totally lost on me.

At Clash of the Champions X in February 1990, Flair and the Andersons main-evented against Sawyer, Great Muta and The Dragonmaster (???). The match was nothing to write home about, obviously, but it ends with Sting trying to climb the cage to get Flair. What we know is that Sting hurt his leg trying to hop on the cage, but Flair copped to breaking Sting’s leg later by jumping on him down the ramp and making it worse.

The whole episode is worth listening to (honestly, if you’re not listening every week then do you even wrestle fan, bro?).

“I didn’t know he’d gotten hurt. He dropped to the floor, tore his patella tendon. And he’s walking up the ramp, limping. I think he’s just working, right? And I run and tackle him wide open on top of the ramp to start beating him up and he says, ‘Ric, my leg’s broken. Please get off of me.’ You were gone for a year, but it was all my fault. You hurt it initially falling off the cage, but it sure didn’t help me jumping on top of you.”

The gruesome details start at around 38 minutes and includes the phrase “my knee cap was in my thigh.” You can listen to the episode here.

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