Ric Flair Didn’t Recognize Charlotte When He Regained Consciousness At The Hospital

There’s a new WWE book out in stores called “Second Nature” and it’s the story of Ric Flair and his daughter Charlotte Flair. Over the last few months, the Flair family has dealt with a lot due to Ric’s health problems in August, but thankfully Ric is doing much better even though he was given just a 20% chance to survive.

Since then, Ric has done a promo on social media saying “I Ain’t Dead Yet” and claimed that he had sex with 10,000 women in his life.

As for Charlotte, she was right there with her dad when she could be, took a few weeks off her WWE life to be with him and once things looked better for him, she was back on the road working as a WWE superstar. This Sunday night, Charlotte challenges Natalya for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Hell in a Cell. Charlotte has also done a lot of interviews talking about the book she did with her dad, and meeting fans at appearances to promote the book.

During a recent appearance on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Charlotte talked about how when Ric was first taken off the machine at the hospital, he didn’t even recognize her. Crazy thought, right? Here’s how she explained it.

“When he was first taken off the machine and the doctors wanted to have him walk around, obviously he needed help and support but he didn’t even know who I was, and he was just pushing the walker and quoting numbers of towns from shows in the 80’s. I was like, that’s great he can quote me the numbers from a show in Chicago in the 80’s but he doesn’t know who I am? I would just sit there and listen to him quote the numbers and was just like this is crazy. So, he is pushing the walker with the nurses and he is pushing and pushing and then he just stops and starts strutting in the ICU. He doesn’t know who I am, isn’t really talking but just does the strut and I was just like this isn’t real. When his 30 for 30 comes out in November, you will realize wrestling is my dad’s first love and that’s what he lives for. That’s why I think we are so close because now I am in the industry that he loves so much so I get it, I get wanting to be the main event every night.”

The image of Ric Flair strutting in the ICU after major surgery is pretty awesome. It sounds a lot better than being in a mental hospital in WCW.

It’s sad that Ric didn’t recognize Charlotte right away, but he was likely on medication and that didn’t last. I thought her point in that last sentence made a lot of sense and how being in the business helps her understand him more.

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