Charlotte Flair Wrote A Heartfelt Letter In Tribute To Her Father

Charlotte Flair had a big week because she won the Smackdown Women’s Championship from Natalya during this week’s Smackdown. It was an emotional night for Charlotte because the match took place in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

It was the first Smackdown Women’s Championship win for Charlotte. She had previously won the NXT Women’s Title, the now defunct Divas Championship and the Raw Women’s Championship four times. Needless to say, she has done very well during her WWE career so far and there’s still plenty left to go.

It has also been a very emotional year for Charlotte because her legendary father Ric Flair had a huge health scare in August where he was given a 20 percent chance to live, yet there he was on Smackdown this week celebrating with her. It was one of the best moments on WWE TV this year because of what Ric went through. Charlotte and Ric also wrote a book together called ‘Second Nature’ that was released a few months ago and Ric’s life was profiled in the recent ESPN 30 for 30 special about him.

In an exclusive article that was written for The Players’ Tribune, Charlotte wrote what she called a “Letter To My Dad” as a thank you for all that he has done for her. It’s a great piece that you should read in full, but here’s an excerpt for you.

I’ve had the opportunity to hold multiple championships … main event pay-per-views … steal the show in front of 101,000 people … and be a part of the most revolutionary group of women to ever compete in WWE at the same time….

But my favorite part will always be the opportunity that we had to work together. From seeing your tears and your smile when I won my first WWE championship title … to seeing your even bigger smile every time you helped me “cheat” — thanks, dad — to retain the title … to seeing that look in your eyes when we’d walk back to the locker room, win or lose … I can’t think of anything that makes me happier.

It was truly an honor, to be able to work alongside you. It only made me want to work that much harder. To be that much better. And to be able to continue your legacy in the profession that you helped pioneer for almost 50 years.

Very well said. I think it’s fair to say that Charlotte is doing a tremendous job of living up to her father’s legacy. It’s not easy, but she is viewed as the best women’s wrestler in WWE right now and it’s likely that she will get even better because she is still early in her career.

You can pick up Ric and Charlotte’s book SECOND NATURE: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte at bookstores or online at now.