Two Different NFL Players Paid Tribute To Ric Flair With Custom Cleats

Wrestling Legend Ric Flair has created an incredible legacy for himself throughout his career. So much so that his influence can be felt from wrestling to hip hop, and, if he’s to be believed, a pretty intense number of women.

On Sunday, we were reminded of his influence on professional sports when not one, but two NFL players paid tribute to The Nature Boy. Atlanta Falcons wide receivers Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu rocked different custom-painted Under Armour cleats for their week 4 match-up against the Buffalo Bills:

The cleats’ designs are emblazoned with quotes from Flair’s infamous Stylin’ and Profilin’ promo — a promo he actually used in person to get the Falcons fired up in 2016. Naitch, a well-known fan of Jones, of course loved the show of support:

Flair, a Charlottesville native and current resident of Atlanta, is as known for his Rolex watches as he is for never being able to pin down a favourite football team. The Jacksonville Jaguars took to Twitter to thank Flair for gifting them with some of his new merch:

I guess now that he’s gotta slow down his wheelin’ dealin’ lifestyle after a serious health scare, it’s a lot healthier to have a favourite team in every city than a girl in every port.