Ric Flair Is Still Hospitalized And It May Be More Serious Than Originally Thought

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08.14.17 10 Comments

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On Saturday, we shared with you the news that wrestling legend ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair had been checked into an ICU by his family for what was being described as “routine monitoring.” While that news was scary, the overall sentiment from his representatives is that it was nothing to panic about. As it turns out, the situation may be more serious than we’d thought.

As of Monday afternoon, Flair is reportedly still hospitalized, with conflicting reports of the severity of his “tough medical issues.” In a message board post, Dave Meltzer explained that Charlotte Flair was kept updated during her appearances in China and that things must have taken a turn for the “worst.”

“Charlotte was well aware of everything while in China, that much I know. She was one of the few.

“Must have been a turn for the worst. I was pretty concerned when I heard nothing all day, was just too long since I heard from anyone.”

That was posted in response to a fan saying, “Looks like they wanted to wait for Charlotte to get back before posting the real status on him.”

If that’s not enough, Jimmy Van of Fightful tweeted that according to sources close to the situation, the Nature Boy has been placed in a “medically induced coma.”

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