Ric Flair Was Too Weak To Open A Gatorade Bottle After His Hospitalization

We are just six days away from the official premiere of ESPN’s 30 For 30 documentary on the life and times (and sex partners) of Ric Flair: Nature Boy airs on November 7 at 10 p.m. ET, and based on all the advance press, it is 100 percent worth setting your DVR. (I mean, if it can get the Undertaker to show up in public, it’s gotta be good, right?)

Flair and Nature Boy filmmaker Rory Karpf recently sat down for an interview with the pair’s hometown newspaper, Charlotte, North Carolina’s News & Observer, where they discussed a variety of topics about both the documentary as well as Flair’s recent hospitalization. The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer reiterated he’ll never have another drink again, but he also discussed just how much his alcohol abuse damaged him, as well as what his beverages of choice are these days:

“Miss drinking? No. Not at all. Ten days of not knowing where you are and being on life support? Even a guy as irresponsible as I have been, and can be, would never subject himself to that again.

“So yeah. Diet Coke, man. Starbucks coffee. Venti bold. And a lot of Gatorade. Actually, when I first got out of the hospital … I couldn’t twist the top off a bottle of Gatorade. That tells you how weak I was.”

Let’s really put that into perspective: Naitch was deadlifting 400 pounds earlier this year. He’s likely never been this weak since he was born. (Flair’s doctors are limiting him to 10 pound dumbbells and light cardio for the time being.)

The article also says Flair lost more than 40 pounds during his hospital stay, from 249 to 206, but is back up to 220 now, with hopes to put on a few more pounds before everything is said and done. Ric, listen: If you need to cultivate some mass, I know a guy