Take A Ride On Space Mountain With Some Of Ric Flair’s Wildest Moments That’ll Make You Go ‘Woo!’

Ric Flair has had his fair share of funny and memorable moments in professional wrestling. Not everything is about being well-respected in the ring or providing some of the most entertaining matches in wrestling history. Sometimes a guy has to cut loose, have a good time, and spread the fun to everybody in the crowd. Strip down to your boxers, drop an elbow on an invisible opponent, and rant about the “fat boy” in the audience. That’s the Ric Flair way.

Since it is his birthday, it’s only fitting that we celebrate his entertaining persona and look back on a bit of his funnier moments. Most are available on the WWE Network these days too, so it’s great. There’s the time he was assaulted by Ron Garvin in drag while waiting to sexualize Precious in a hotel room. The time he was apparently running for president and hanging out with Lex Luger and Miss Elizabeth — late WCW does blur together. And then there’s the entire 1992 Royal Rumble, which stands as the greatest performance and funniest performance for too many reasons to mention in one post. It’s basically Ric Flair’s greatest hits in one match, with the prat falls, heel begging, classic selling he became known for. Also a great assist from Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

My personal favorite moment comes from those classic Turner WCW telecasts where the audience, ring, and interview section were housed in the same small studio. Not only is it a great Ric Flair moment with some classic Flair swagger and inspiration — at least I think it is inspirational — it’s also damn hilarious because he trashes Tony Schiavone’s suit in a way nobody else could. What is your favorite moment?