Ric Flair Named Who He’d Want To Be In A Current Four Horsemen And It Sounds Incredible

08.14.15 4 years ago 50 Comments

Ric Flair’s new podcast is basically my favorite thing that happens to my ears. He digs into his infinite reservoir of stories and rarely repeats them. Plus, his drunken episode with Kevin Sullivan should go in the National Archives solely for Flair yelling about how Buff Bagwell was a “d*ck dancer.” The latest episode was simply an Ask Ric type of deal and one of the questions was about who would make a dope 2015 Four Horsemen.

Flair’s first two choices were obvious: Triple H and Randy Orton. But after a bit of debate it was determined that Hunter wasn’t full time anymore and Orton would never be allowed to be in a group because he’s too valuable as a singles star (Flair also called him the best worker in the business, too). So Flair had to revise the list. His choices?

Dolph Ziggler
The Miz
Seth Rollins

This sounds perfect. Maybe Foley was wrong about Flair being a bad booker. I could definitely see Cesaro as the Ole/Windham guy who is the quiet brute who can also work a great match if needed (that’s moreso a Windham trait than an Ole). Miz obviously can’t work as well as Flair but he can be as obnoxious and get real, genuine hatred. And who doesn’t want to kick the sh*t out of Rollins and Dolph?

Plus, these guys would have an incredible War Games…if the WWE would ever have one. I’m all for it. Hashtag listen to Flair.

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