Ric Flair Cut A Ridiculous Promo Video For The PGA Championship In Charlotte

08.11.17 7 months ago

TNT via YouTube/PGA

Golf’s final major, the PGA Championship, is in Charlotte this weekend and TNT, which is broadcasting the first two rounds, needed a local Charlotte celebrity to hype the event with a promo video to lead into their coverage. This happens with most major events — if you’ve ever watched anything hosted in New Orleans you’ve heard a Harry Connick Jr. voiceover — and in Charlotte, there is only one man with the charisma and name recognition that you call: Ric Flair.

The Nature Boy is Charlotte’s most famous son, and there’s no one better at cutting a promo than Flair. That said, when I think golf, I don’t exactly think of the bravado, swagger, and general loudness that comes with Flair, but it absolutely worked as he brought his best for that TNT check.

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