Ron Jeremy Gives His Expert Opinion On Ric Flair’s Claim That He Slept With 10,000 Women

Ron Jeremy, a noted expert on all things sex, has publicly expressed his doubt that Ric Flair has had sex with 10,000 women, a number the pro wrestling great is reported to have claimed in his upcoming 30 for 30. Jeremy knows a thing or two about having sex with a lot of people. He has starred in over 2,000 adult films, sometimes making love to more than one women in a scene throughout his massive filmography. He doesn’t think it’s possible for Flair to have had that much sex when you just look at the math.

“It’s very difficult to get numbers like that. Wilt Chamberlin and John Holmes I think both said about 20,000. Chamberlin actually regretted saying that, he took it back. John Holmes passed away so… But if you do the math and you start having sex when you’re 14, up to age 68, I guess you could…”

The host and Jeremy start breaking down the numbers saying it works out to about four unique sexual partners a week. That seems low by our estimation. If you really start breaking it down, the numbers don’t add up. First off, Flair has been married four times. So there had to be decently-sized chunks of time there that he was faithful to his wife. Furthermore, the average person sleeps about 25% of their life away. Flair also had to train, spend a ridiculous amount of time on the road entertaining, and the little things like eating, showering, and general life moments (birthday parties) would suck up enough time to make 10,000 women an impossibility. The man also claimed to be an alcoholic, which doesn’t help performance.

It just doesn’t add up.

But you know, Flair was also alive in a time that was more free and loose. Flair could’ve been out there in the mud and the rain. He could’ve made love to 10,000 women. It’s impossible to tell.

(Via TMZ)