Ric Flair Is Even Entertaining When He Goes Shoe Shopping

06.27.17 10 months ago


Personally, I always sort of imagine Ric Flair as a loafers guy. Or maybe wingtips, or a pair of topsiders if he’s out yachting. But apparently the guy is a bit of a sneakerhead. Not to Hulk Hogan levels or anything (and certainly not to Enzo Amore or Shane McMahon levels), but he enjoys him some kicks.

Anyway, like both Shane and Enzo before him, the WWE Hall of Famer got a chance to go sneaker shopping with Complex, and as is customary, the shoe buying was surrounded by a general interview.

Flair, you see, is actually friends with both LeBron James AND Michael Jordan, but even though the Nature Boy has partied with MJ, he refuses to tell tales out of school.

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