Ric Flair Has Become The Used Car Dealer He Was Always Meant To Be

Contributing Writer
01.25.17 8 Comments


Ric Flair is a certifiable national treasure. A bonkers, batshit, often imitated, never duplicated, Falcons-rooting, (allegedly-) Halle Berry-bedding, son of a gun. He’s a big old weirdo, one of the most beloved and greatest and most accomplished wrestlers of all time, and an absolute American icon. He’s also kind of, sort of, the sort of addled personality you might see late at night on a local used car commercial. Or maybe hawking mattresses.

So it’s a true bit of inspired genius that U.S. Auto Sales has put together a series of commercials featuring Flair as “Papa Flair,” a maniac used car dealer who assaults his employees and hangs out with slightly concerned young women with questionable hair. In fact, it has a lot in common with Famous B’s commercial from Lucha Underground, but that’s neither here nor there.

The first commercial in the series is called “Ode To Dusty,” and while I’m not sure where the actual ode to Dusty is — no one gets their arm broken — it gets the tone started on the right foot. You start tones with your feet, right?

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